Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello, GaGa?

On Monday night I went to the Lady GaGa concert in Vancouver. It was the best concert I have seen to date! She puts on a really great performance, and of course the wardrobe changes get more and more outrageous as the night goes on. So fun!

So, in honor of Lady herself, I decided to dress up like a "Little Monster". There's a part in her music video "Telephone" when she has a hair piece telephone on her head. Well, I put myself up to the challenge and made myself one. Check it out:

I bought a cheap, small, lightweight phone from Value Village, 
and spray painted it yellow.

I bought fake hair and spray adhesive from Walmart, 
and glued pieces of hair around the phone.
(I left the hole at the bottom open so I could plug the cord back into it)

Then I spray painted it yellow, and cut off the excess hair to shape it.

I re-spray painted it yellow to have it completely covered, 
hot glued it to a headband, then re-attatched the phone cord.

Time for make-up! 
I put false eyelashes on both the top and the bottom of my eyes, 
did a smokey eye, added some sparkles, defined my eyebrows, 
and sprayed Jerome Russel's wash-out yellow hair spray dye into my hair.
 (Now that's commitment!)

Put on my telephone headpiece, 
wrapped the cord around my head, and voila!

Just like the queen herself!
(only I wanted to watch the concert, so I didn't cover up my eye!)

Inspiration  ->  Imagination ->  Creation!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bub Love

I had the pleasure of working behind the scenes on a photo shoot last week with a wonderful and talented photographer named Teryn Lee. She took beautiful pictures for this great jewelry company called Bub Love which just came out with a bridal line! I provided hair & make-up for the lovely model.

Please visit:
Teryn Lee @
& check out baby & bridal jewelry by Jennifer Rumley Bjarnason @

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello & welcome

I am a young creative lady who recently enrolled into John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts in Vancouver, B.C. to become a Make-Up Artist. I love the way people can express their imagination through many differnt forms of art; and I am choosing make-up.
The other night I went out for chinese food and at the end of my meal, I cracked open a fortune cookie. My fortune read:

"Executive ability in your make-up will lead you to success."

What a perfect fortune for a girl addicted to beauty products that just commited herself to 10 months of intense make-up artist training. 
I can't wait to share some photos and my upcoming experiences with you!