Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clarins Innovation 2013 pt 1

The other week I hopped off the Canada Line at Vancouver City Centre and walked across the street and into Hotel Georgia for a product launch party with Clarins cosmetics and skincare. There is a product they are unveiling in February 2013 that I was lucky to learn all about a few weeks early. I was treated to a very delicious green tea and kiwi martini, as well as some lovely little appetizers! I'd love to tell you all about this new product.. but seeing as not even the Clarins website, nor the Clarins Facebook pages are spilling the beans, I will only tell you this; I recieved this in the mail...

I'll keep you posted about my mail box!

P.S. getting snail mail - and packages in snail mail - is so much fun when you're not expecting it!

xox Celina