Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bald Babes

Ever wondered what you'd look like without hair? I don't anymore. I never want to go bald, not only would I look like my dad, but I love hair so much I'd wear wigs if I had to.
I did enjoy making some other people look bald though. I've shaved pleantly of heads in my day, but only twice have I applied bald caps. 

Applying a bald cap is not easy. First, you have to prep their hair. If your model has long hair, wrap it up into a bun on the back of there head (the higher the better, but flat - not a cone). Use Gafquat (basically super glue in hair gel form, washes out with water) to get more working space behind the ears. Put on the cap and start applying! We used adhesive called Pros-Aid which is medical grade adhesive, latex, and bondo. The cap has to be tight and the edges blended completely. I used Grease Paints and Pax Paints (Pros-Aid based) to paint skin tone, and even stippled on fake hair stubble!

Rubber Bald Cap
Latex Bald Cap

Bald Boyfriend
When I first met Martin he had a shaved head, 
so I think he looks just as cute with or without hair.

Aaaannnddd then we found a room full of mannequins.
What hairless fun!

xox Celina

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a Hairy situation

I can't believe I'm doing this but, to quote Ke$ha "I like your beard"

Facial hair is one of the most challenging things I have done so far. It is tedious work that gets EVERYWHERE. There are different types of hair you can buy (I used crepe wool hair) and I blended this hair (for like 8 hours) to come up with 3 different shades for a realistic beard. 
After a long process of the stickiest skin glue ever (spirit gum) and cutting and laying fake hair onto my models face, voila! There's the beard. 

Lookin' pretty manly & also a little like a hobo.

Then I gave that long homeless beard a nice little cut for a more sophisticated look.
Uhh.. or rock band groupie look. Whichever you prefer to call it.

Unlike laying your own beards, pre-made pieces are super fast & very easy. If your budget can handle it, a pre-made piece is the way to go. Not only will it save time, but it will also help for continuity if needed in a film.

Anyone for a mustache ride?

I chose this picture because you can see me taking the photo & my instuctor Tracy in the glasses reflection. How cute!

xox Celina

Shingled Liz

Hey! Have you ever had the chickenpox? Most likely. But have you ever had the more extreme case of chicken pox called SHINGLES?? It would be rare unless you were a baby, or very old, or already had some sort of disease. But if you ever do have shingles, I know exactly what they would look like...

I am really lucky to have such nice friends that willingly come to my school so I can make them look really sick. This is Liz. Other than her occasional overdose of cookies and tea, Liz is completely healthy.. Until she came to me!! I gave Liz a terrible case of shingles. So bad that she scratched them open, touched her eye and infected herself pretty bad.

This is a down right nasty close up of some shingles.

created with wax, gelatin, latex & alcohol based paints

Poor, poor Liz. The bluest of eyes. The reddest of sores.

Keep healthy, folks!
ps. Thanks Liz. You look fab!

xox Celina

Burn, Baby Burn

If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to look at this post. I will tell you, it is all make-up (psst... I did it myself) however it is supposed to look real! But don't worry, no harm was done during the makings of these disgusting special effects make-up for film. 

This is a chemical burn. Imagine a nice young girl working at McDonalds, accidently dropping her ring into the deep frier, and reaching in the get it back.... yikes!

created with gelatin
& alcohol based paints
This is a 3rd (sometimes even called a 4th!) degree burn. 
An electircal burn. Don't grab on to any high voltage wires!

created with gelatin & latex
alcohol based paints & stage blood 

Another one bites the dust! Stayed out working in the very cold weather conditions for too long. Those fingers are long gone to frostbite!!

created with wax & latex
cream based & alcohol based paints
zice (fake snow)

Bet you didn't realize how precious your hands were until you read this! Stay safe kids!

xox Celina

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cel - ebration

It's official. I am 23 years old. sigh. It's true. It happened. I am now closer to 25 than I am to 20 and that scares the cocktails out of me. Will I start using eye creams like a mad woman? Yes, yes I will. Will I moisturize day and night? Already do. Will I fall for those gimicky cosmetics that promise you will see perfect unreachable results? Most likely, I am already using them. I'm more worried about aging than getting old. There's a huge difference. 

Here's some tips from me, the March 6th Birthday Girl.

* If you look good, you'll feel good. But if you look hot, you'll feel better.
* If you don't own sweatpants you won't be tempted to leave the house in them.
* The higher your hair, the closer to God.
* Most importantly; don't be rude, just be honest.

I received so many birthday wishes today it was unreal. Spending my special day with amazing people was a dream. I feel so lucky to have people support & love me especially when they know I will always look better than them! LOL kidding! 

But thanks for the carbs. I know you're all trying to fatten me up but my rockin' 23 year old body's metabolism will defeat you.

Love & Lipstick
xox Celina

Friday, March 4, 2011


Oh my gosh this school year is flying by! I am already in my 4th term out of 5! How crazy is that? Feels like I just started. But I couldn't be happier. 
It's exciting that I will soon have my Diploma in Make-Up Artistry in my beautiful well manicured artist hand. Then the world of ugly can bow down before me as I make everyone beautiful. ... okay back to reality, being a make-up artist doesn't necessarily mean you make things pretty. The last couple classes I have wanted to throw up in my mouth several times when I realize what I am about to do. It's not even disgusting yet, we are only just starting special effects. I hope my stomach can handle it...

So far, I've mastered giving my classmates black eyes and broken noses.

Aging someone with liquid latex. 
(really cool effect. really annoying to remove!)

And the cherry on top
... slitting someone's throat!

This is the grossest thing I have done to date. BLUHG!

Hope I didn't make any of you unwillingly throw up on your keyboard! 
More gore to come!

xox Celina