Monday, July 25, 2011

IMATS 2011

I am so excited!! I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in I.M.A.T.S (International Make-Up Artistry Trade Show) in Vancouver on Sunday July 24. I re-created my half angler fish half man special effects prosthetic make up at the John Casablancas booth. It was an amazing experience in a hectic environment and I am overwhelmed with joy to see I have been posted in an online article on the Vancouver Sun!!

Make-Up Artist Magazine also put up their re-cap video of Vancouver IMATS 2011 on their website. Take a look if you're interested in seeing more awesome make-up that was done that day. If you look carefully, you will see my little smile and my hot pink lipstick looking scared by an anglerfish man trying to bite me near the end of the video!

So much fun!

xox Celina

Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter

I am so excited that Harry Potter 7 pt 2 is coming out this week!! Martin and I have our pre-bought tickets ready and we are probably going to be waiting in line for like 8 hours before the midnight showing. I still don't know what I'm going to wear, normally we dress up as characters, but this year we might go red carpet glam in honor of the final film. I've already watched all the red carpet highlights from the Premiere in London and I have fallen in love with Daniel Radcliffe even more. Wow. That's me for you. Spilling out my loser details all of the internet. But it could be worse, I could be a Twi-hard. (No offense to you Edward vs Jacob lovers)
In my excitement towards the final Harry Potter film, I have checked out some of the fun make-up and special effects facts about the movies! Please enjoy (but probably not nearly as much as I do):


- 250 body casts have been made of actors for deaths, petrifications and stunning spells.

- More than 200 creatures have been created for the Harry Potter film series. 

- The creature effects department sculpted all the Death Eater masks in a week and the prop team finished the masks, with each featuring an ornate individual pewter design. All of the actors that wore them had to have a life cast in cold alginate, which took 2.5 minutes to set. 

- Harry's infamous scar has been put on by makeup approx 5,800 times. This is not only on Daniel Radcliffe, who has had the scar applied approx 2,000 times, but also on his doubles and stunt doubles, all of whom wear the scar.


xox Celina

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just Sayin'

Tough day workin' the Beauty Boutique today.
I sold a lip gloss and a pregnancy test - let's hope she doesn't get the two mixed up!

xox Celina

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Body Painting with Katie

In June I was very fortunate to be asked to work with Katie Sullivan. Katie is an amazing blonde bombshell with so many talents it's ridiculous. She grabbed her camera and put together an amazing group of models, make-up artists and hair stylist who all wanted to do some body painting and get some great shots for their portfolios.

In the basement of Gastown Tattoo Parlour around 7am, I set up my suitcase next to the plates of fruit Katie was so kind to supply us with, and after Jessica Brown finished braiding hair and plants to create a beautiful 'do, I body painted the lovely model Courtnay - the perfect young woman for this hippie flower child look.

I was fortunate enough to be able to two looks. I airbrushed the very energetic Alice as a circus cutie and dressed her up in some accessories to jazz her up! Hair stylist Amanda Veira completed the look with some curls and rolls in Alice's hair, then out to the spray painted alley way to capture these great shots!

Great work ladies! And so much fun!

xox Celina