Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tiffany & Co.

Every girl loves diamonds, and there's no place to get them other than Tiffany's! 
My charming boyfriend bought me a Tiffany's key for Christmas this year, so I put my new found love for Tiffany's into my assignment on Friday. This was a my half body painting make-up using oil based and water based make-up. I created a fancy little Tiffany & Co. themed make-up - little blue box approved! Pretty adorable don't you think? It was so much fun doing this theatre/avante garde look. I love to let my creative juices flow.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!
xox Celina

Monday, January 24, 2011


Touch your face. No seriously, touch your face! Feel the bones underneath those chubby little cheeks of yours. Feel the edges around where your eyes sit nicely in your skin. That my boney friends, is your skull. Yup, it's true. Take away the flesh, the muscle and the fat and you get an emotionless rock hard face starring back at you. Today I did Skull make-up for Theatre using an oil based make-up. I had a lot of fun creating a little scary skull face, and in the back of my mind the whole time was, "Halloween is going to be amazing this year."

Zis face iz lookin'k veh-ry spoooookie!

Thank you for lending me your face, Reham.
By the way, you have a beautiful smile.

xox Celina

Thursday, January 13, 2011



I L-O-V-E creative days at school. It's a day when you can do literally anything you want (within certain guidelines) and just experiment and have fun! I wanted to do something really creative for my last avante-garde day. Unfortunatly my partner went home sick (feel better!) so I had to do it on myself. It is so much harder to be precise on your own face because all you have is a mirror. There's no steping back and seeing what isn't symmetrical. Regardless, it was a challenge and I nailed it! I can't say that this was totally my idea, I did see a cool picture similar to it on the intenet. But I did change it and jazz it up to be my style.

 Now all I need is Superman to come fly into my picture box and sweep me off my feet!

Here is my Comic Book Girl

I think it turned out really cool. 
I make a pretty cute 2 dimentional drawing.
What do you think?

xox Celina

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drag Race

For those of you against cross dressing, you should probably stop reading.

Last Thursday was DRAG DAY and I thankfully have a nice enough male friend who was gung-ho about becoming a little lady boy for the day!! Let me walk you through how to turn an ordinary handsome young man into a queen!

 This is Vayo, he lives in Vancouver and he enjoys long walks on the beach and red wine.

I blocked out Vayo's eyebrows using Spirit gum, wax, powder and concealer. Then I drew in over-dramatic eyebrows above his natural eyebrows to open up his eye lid space for the illusion of bigger bolder eyes.

Using bronzers and highlighters, I contoured Vayo's face to emphasize his cheekbones.
I put on some Showgirl make-up, with a heavy crease on his eyelid, which is right around where his natural eyebrow is, and I used white and silver eyeshadow with glitter on the eyelid. I also applied false lashes with little crystal beads on them, just for fun!

Then... with the right shade of red lipstick, and a couple props,
I present to you...

Vayjazzle the Drag Queen

Isn't she lovely?
Blondes really do have more fun!

Thanks for being such a great sport Vayo! You look gorgeous!

xox Celina