Friday, April 29, 2011

Sucker Punch

Last night I went to the movies with my boyfriend, and he suggested we see Sucker Punch. At first I thought this movie was just going to be fun for him, watching cute girls prance around punching things. But actually, it turned out to be really good! Not only am I jealous of all the cute costumes and outfits the girls got to wear (while kicking ass I might add) but the make-up was incredible!

The key make-up artist for Sucker Punch is a woman named Rosalina Da Silva. She's also worked on The Watchmen, X-Men and Tron. Clearly she knows what she's doing. 
Just check out this beautiful classic, almost 60's inspired make- up on Baby Doll.

Gorgeous right? I know. I'm jealous. I looked into see which were the most used make-up products on set aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it was...
 M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack! Available at a MAC near you. It is awesome liner if you have never used it.

They also used various other brands such as ArmaniKevin AucoinKett, and Kryolan. And clearly the foundation is airbrushed, hense the flawless face. Although, it's not too hard to make Emily Browning look flawless, she's beautiful.

 Speaking of that little actress (I say little, but she's actually the same age as me) she has had so many different, yet amazing looks! She's a pale almost anime looking blonde bombshell in Sucker Punch, but then look at how adorable and edgy she looked at the premiere! Cute!
I love those deep violet lips. I'm pretty sure she could pull off anything.

If you love girls, fighting, lingerie costumes, suspense, action, and MAKE-UP, please go see Sucker Punch. 

That's my 2 cents for free!
xox Celina

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canucks Fan

So today at school, we had a little extra time on our hands and decided to go back in time 2 terms and practice face painting again. My friend Kelsey is a die-hard Canucks fan. No seriously. Her nails are manicured as the Canucks logo, she wears a blown glass Canucks heart pendant, she has a closet full of Canucks jerseys (she wears them to school on game days) she knows all of their stats, I'm pretty sure she's stalking Alex Burrows and knows where Luongo lives. She's a little coo-coo for Canuck puffs if you know what I mean.

So I did Kelsey a little favor and got her ready for game night! I think I did a pretty stellar job painting the Johnny Canuck V for the first time. Courtnay even asked me, "Do you have a lot of practice face painting, or are you just that good?" My answer, "I'm just that good". Hah!

Go Canucks Go! You know Kelsey is cheering for you! 
(p.s. I'm scared this is going to become a weekly thing until the Cup is won)

xox Celina

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dirty Work

I have now officially entered the last term of my make-up artistry program. I am 2 months away from achieving my diploma, and it feels great! The last term is all about the lab work and making your own pieces for special effects. Here's the worlds quickest breakdown: we sculpt our own wounds out of clay, then use plaster to make them a mould, then use either latex or gelatin to create our prosthetic piece!

This is a plate mould that I created so I can scuplt my clay pieces on top of it:

This is an example of a minor wound I sculpted:

And this is that same wound, that I made into a gelatin prosthetic piece, 
then applied & painted:
Pretty neat right? I thought so!

These next two are latex prosthetic pieces I made, applied & painted:

We also got to play around with our airbrushes again!

This is airbrush corpsing (sick!):

And this is airbrushed bruising:

 So much fun, but very dirty work. I can no longer wear my fancy clothes to school unless I want to destroy them. Pretty soon I'll start working on my final project which is a full body monster with a full face prosthetic piece, how exciting! Thanks for reading!

xox Celina

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Shoot

At the beginning of April, I had a wonderful opportunity to work with not only a beauitful engaged couple, but also with the amazingly and talented photographer Teryn Lee. I provided hair & make-up for the ever so cute Laura, and I even roughed up Kevin's hat hair into a nice manly do. Here are some of the gorgeous photos that Teryn captured on a fresh spring day.

xox Celina

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Injuries Exam

 A Bad Day Golfing is Better Than A Good Day's Work!

On Thursday I had my 4th term final exam which was full body injuries. My model was my wonderful mother. It was some great mother-daughter bonding; Mom sitting there all nice, while I made her look terrible. How sweet. I had to create a full character analysis about what happened to her and why she was injured.

While on vacation in Florida, Michelle decided to spend her afternoon golfing while her husband spent the day at the men’s club. During the 5th hole, Michelle got hit in the head with a golfball when another golfer forgot to yell “Fore”. A rather large goose-egg resulted in the impact of the golf ball hitting her forehead. The Florida heat sunk in and Michelle’s skin felt the effects. A slight sunburn appears on her upper body – shoulders, cheeks and nose. 

Regardless, Michelle kept golfing. Unfortunately, being slightly off balance from the previous strike to the head, she took a tumble into the sand trap on the 10th hole while locating her ball. Her knees now covered in scrapes and dust, she stays strong and keeps golfing.

It was approximately 4pm in the afternoon when the weather took a turn for the worst. A storm appeared to be coming in the distance. As it moved closer and closer, Michelle still thought she had time to finish her last hole of golf. She was about to tee off on the 18th hole, holding her club, she was in the unlucky 10% of the population and was suddenly struck by lighting. The palms of her hands suffer from what look like electrical burns, and 1st degree burns up her arm from where the electrical voltage struck her. It looks like a branched pattern running up her forearms, with deeper burn marks in the crease of her arm bend where she was sweating. The heat of the electrical burn made her sweat turn to steam. 

Luckily, another golfer saw Michelle fall to the ground and called an ambulance. The paramedic then came to pick her up, and examine her injuries. 

Thanks for being such a great model, Mom!

xox Celina

Monday, April 4, 2011

Disco Disaster

Busting a move to ABBA just got that much more embarassing.
Today at school we had a great assignement: pick a decade & an accident.
I chose the 1970's, and what better injury than one on the dance floor!

Not only did I give my model Kelsey some wicked winged out blue eye shadow and big false lashes, but I also fanned out her hair like Farrah herself. I turned her in Disco Debbie who was in the wrong place on the dance floor when all of a sudden the disco ball detached from the ceiling and down it fell right on top of poor Disco Debbie's head. She survived the accident, but broke one of her platform shoes.

Ouch Deb! You're still a dancing queen, even with the scars.

xox Celina


Have you ever watched a movie where something small keeps changing? For example, the mole on an actress' cheek keeps changing sides of her face periodically throughout the movie. Or an actor is holing a glass of water in their right hand and then in the next shot it's in their left hand? 

Doesn't that drive you crazy?!! Maybe you are just lucky and you get so drawn into films that you don't notice these things.

Contiuity in a movie is very important, especially in the make-up department. If someone is injured in one scene and then the director needs to go back and re-shoot a part of that scene at a different time, their make-up and special effects have to look exactly the same as it did the first time.

This continuity test was done on location in the park in Gastown.
I used gelatin and tissue, as well as alcohol-based paints.

As for this one, I used gelatin, pros-aid, alcohol-based and cream-based paints.

Is it just me, or am I seein' double ;)

xox Celina