Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yay!! I am so excited!! If you're a Too Dolly follower, you would have read a previous post of mine that mentioned doing make-up on the cutest little girls in the world! Well, I am pleased to announce that the beautiful photography of Rebecca Sehn has been featured on Babiekins Magazine!! How great is that? But wait, it gets better! These amazing little fairy photos have also been featured on Little Miss Heirlooms!

Thank you so much Rebecca for letting me be apart of this magical photoshoot. The three little girls Piper, Maya and Anna, were amazing little models!! Please visit Rebecca's blog!

xox Celina

Friday, October 14, 2011

Boo La La

A couple weeks ago I was offered a fun little job by a make-up artist friend of mine, Jenny Ruth (Let's Make Up). The costume shop in North Vancouver called Boo La La was doing new advertising photos for their Halloween Costumes. Along with 5 other make-up artists, I had the pleasure of dolling up some of the models.

It was a long busy day filled with so many hard workers buzzing around the shop. Dani Barnes Productions put all the styles & costumes together. It was fun to watch her at work, encouraging us to go crazy with the make-up on the traditional Hallowe'en looks.

I will soon have my photos & will post them when I can. Until then, I've been featured on their website as one of their artists. If you'd like to read it, click here!

What are you going to be for Hallowe'en?
Only 2 weeks until my Christmas!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miss B

I feel as though there are about to be some big changes in my life regarding work. Changes aren't always a bad thing, and I think people may end up being motivated to do better things with their lives because of the changes. 

Miss B herself

It just so happens that my manager at work has decided to leave. In a normal work environment this wouldn't be a big deal. But I don't work in a normal work environment. I don't have a normal job, and I for sure do not have a normal manager. Never in my life have I ever connected so well with woman in the workplace who has taught me so many things over the last 8 months. 

Her name is Belinda. It's impossible to describe this woman, you'd have to meet her to believe it. The first time I saw her I remember thinking I was looking at some sort of 5'3'' 1950's mirage. The best part about this, is it's a daily routine. There's not a moment in her life that she doesn't look glamorous. 

think pink

The first time I set foot in her home it was like walking on to a movie set. A pink bicycle with pink boxing gloves in the basket, surrounded by different pairs of high heels greeted me at the front door. A vintage hair salon blow dryer chair with a life size sock monkey under it was just around the corner which lead me into the tv room of red walls and leopard print couches. Marilyn Monroe and Fashion coffee book tables in the centre of the room, and a small martini bar in the corner. Not to mention little chiwawa's running around waiting patiently for you to drop some food on the floor for them. I sneaked a peak in her cozy bedroom and oggled at all of her jewelry and perfumes layed out across her vanity. Another hallway with a sewing machine lead me into a small costume shop where she sold clothes & vintage apparel. She sews, she bakes, she drives an old T-Bird to car shows, she has an amazing sense of humor, she's a mother of 2, she knows everything about cosmetics and the beauty industry, and she is the best manager I have ever had. It's no wonder she was able to put together a team of beauty experts (which I am so happy to be apart of) that have been chosen in the top 10 team finalists (& the only team finalist in BC) for the 2011 Cosmetics Outstanding Service Awards. 
It doesn't matter whether or not we win, it's the fact that she got us that far. 

mini B for a day
For my last official shift working with Belinda, I decided to pull a prank on her. When I got ready for work on Tuesday morning, I put on a black wig and styled it in a 1950's fashion, with the bangs curled in a loop down my forehead and put a big flower pin in the back - just the way Belinda does.
I filled in my eyebrows with a bit of an exaggerated arch, put on false eyelashes, drew on a cat eye, applied pink lipstick and lots of rosey blush to my cheeks - just the way Belinda does. I put on a highwaisted black pencil skirt with a lace slip underneath - just the way Belinda does.

the Dave that made a difference

And just as an added touch, I put on some big black framed glasses, and a tee shirt that says "What a difference a Dave makes" (Dave is her boyfriend)

When Belinda walked into work and saw her new coworker that was a mini version of heselfr (I named myself Celinda) she was overwhelmed with how funny I can be, and was truly amazed that I would want to be her for a day. I am sad to see Belinda go, but it won't be the last I see of her. The rug that she has swept some of her goals under has created too big of a bulg that she's tripped over one too many times. It's time for her to redecorate, and live her dreams.

Celinda & Belinda

xox Celina