Monday, October 15, 2012

you can't deny, Sophia Danai

A couple months ago, I was just hanging out on my lap top with the tv playing in the background when a familiar song came on during a commercial for Appleton Rum. The song is called Higher Baby by this wonderfully talented singer & songwriting artist named Sophia Danai. The best part about hearing this familiar song on tv is that I know her personally.
It's moments like this, when I literally hear her success, that I am overwhelmed with how proud of her I am.

I guess I am just lucky that my older sister is cool and became friends with Sophia way back in high school. I remember Sophia coming over to my house with my sister after school for snacks and I always thought she was just so unique. This tall girl with crazy curly beautiful hair always laughing, and telling the best stories. I bonded with her over our love for acting and theatre.
As we both grew up, and beame more involved with our arts, thanks to knowing a "little bit" about make-up, I've been able to work with Sophia and doll her up for a photoshoot for her single "Money".

Over the past couple years, she dedicated herself to singing in coffee shops, making cute little videos online, writting songs, and all of her other efforts had paid off when Chin Injeti, a Grammy award-winning producer discovered her. 

Last week, as I got into my car and I turned on the radio to Sonic 104.9FM, I actually squealed to myself as I sat in the parking lot with my mouth wide open. My flashy little digital dashboard slowly scrolled across her name. I grabbed my phone and called her and left the most high pitched voicemail I've probably ever left on anyone's machine of how excited I was for her that she was singing on the radio for all of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to hear. 

The song on the radio is a collaboration with Madchild called "Judgment Day", and you can listen to it here on Soundcloud. You can even follow Sophia on Twitter, and "like" her on Facebook. I am so proud of her & her beautiful voice that I would never keep her to myself and that is why I have to share her music with you. 

This gal is going to be big, so start your fan club now.

Congratulations, lady!

make-up & hair by me
everything else amazing by her!

xox Celina 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Craftin' in October

Zis is Hallowe'en!

It's my favorite time of year! And not just because I am thinking about Hallowe'en costumes & makeup ideas... but I also love Hallowe'en decorations! This year I've been a bit more creative and have used my imagination, plus the help of google images, cheap dollar store items & Walmart to make my Hallowe'en a little bit more spooky this year!

Here's what I've been up to...

Bloody shower curtain & a mask for Audrey

Homemade Hallowe'en Wreath!

Skeleton hand hair pins
(something creepy is holding up my hair!)


Oh, and these monster feet to put over my shoes!

Get Crafty!

xox Celina