Saturday, January 28, 2012

so much make-up

Hey, I know I'm a little bit late but - Gong Hei Fat Choy!

It's the year of the Dragon! I am a Dragon! This is my year to shine, I can feel it!
I have already started off the Chinese New Year with a bang! I have been hired with the cosmetics & skin care line CLARINS as a make-up artist for special events! How fun is that? The power of plants, I tell ya! I am very excited to learn all that this line has to offer anyone and everyone, and I can't wait to be all suited up in my red jacket and white pants puttin' mineral make-up on the beautiful women in the Greater Vancouver Area!

Yesterday I had my very first Spa Facial! Wooo! It was ah-maze-ing! Probably one of the most relaxing moments I have ever experienced. And while I had a mask on, I was also getting a pedicure! Now THAT is what I call being pampered! I went to LUX Cosmetic Spa in Langley and I give it rave reviews. Not only is it decorated so cute and vintage chic, but the esthetician Natasha is very experienced and so wonderful! It was the first time that someone had given me some real advice on how to take care of MY skin and not just skin in general. 
In Langley? Want to be pampered? Go there!

I have also been fortunate enough to be apart of a very cool project for a school downtown Vancouver. Thanks to my high school theatre teacher, I am designing all of the Make-Ups for a school play, as well as teaching them how to do it! I am very excited and have a million face charts spread across my bed right now as I am typing this planning out all of the looks. More deets to come!

And now that you are caught up with my crazy life (which is certain to become crazier within the next couple months) I will leave you with this adorable photo that I took of Martin & his daughter.

Make-Up is a Girl's Best Friend!

xox Celina