Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cinderella Bridal Show

Attention all Brides & Grooms to be, Wedding lovers of all kinds, 
and those who just love Love:

On Tuesday March 5 there is a FREE bridal show in Langley!
There will be 70 vendors (me being 1 of them!!) and 100 door prizes! Brides can enter to win a  $3000 honeymoon package, & one lucky bride will win $500 in cash.
And did I mention It's FREE ADMISSION for everyone!?

You'd be crazy not to come!

The Cinderella Bridal Show will be held at The Princess & The Pea B&B.
I will be hanging out with my friend Breanne of Breanne De Blieck Photography at a table handing out our business cards, chattin' with ladies & just smiling and stuff, so come say hi!

You can check out the show on Facebook too!

Spoiler alert, you can win this beautiful gift basket made up by & graciously donated by the one and only Belinda, the Cosmetic Manager of Shoppers Drug Mart Centrepoint
(I've got mad connections, yo)

Together we have created the "Let Me Be Your Something Blue" 
beauty basket that you could win valued at over $150!

See you on March 5th at The Cinderella Bridal Show!

xox Celina

Friday, February 1, 2013

Clarins Innovation 2013 pt 2

This is a continued post... so read the one before it to catch up!!

A couple days after I received my keys... a nice little package showed up on my doorstep!

Ohhhh I see there is a little lock on it... that must be why I need keys.
So I opened my locked up package and inside was...

Clarins brand spankin' new Double Serum! But what's that red band you ask? Well, that is the last key. It's a USB port that when you plug into your computer (or your mom's computer, haha)... can learn all about the new serum! How fab is that?

(Click Here to watch a video about it!)

Really cool Clarins, reall cool. This was a very fun way to receive mail. I have to say, I am impressed. 
Oh, and by the way, the Double Serum is amazing! It has 2 chambers that when you pump it they evenly come out. One side is water based, the other side is oil based. There's 20 different plant extracts and over 42 active ingredients to help with all of your skins vital functions. That's why they need to seperate them into two chambers, because as soon as they mix together they are active. It feels like velvet on my face! Now all my anti-aging concerns will go away and I won't have noticable pores or anything & my face will remain like a baby's for the rest of my life thanks to Clarins. Haha!

xox Celina