Thursday, July 26, 2012

Multiple Beauty Marks

Ho hum, what a summer!
I am beginning to realize that even though I do not have one Full Time job, having multiple Part Time jobs is just as hard! I was actually a little bit worried going into summer that I wouldn't be able to find enough work,
but boy was I wrong!

One of my jobs includes dolling up multiple brides this summer on their wedding days. I have a very important bride coming up this Saturday - my beautiful cousin Katie is trusting me with her face! Haha! So off I travel to Edmonton for this joyous occassion. 
And with all the warm weather, It's sure to be a gorgeous day!

I was so excited to be apart of another film as well! A wonderful couple days of shooting went by so fast with some amazing people. I am beginning to love working on film sets because you meet and network with fabulous artists and the most creative of minds. (All of a sudden my friends lists on facebook goes up by about 15 as soon as shooting ends... so popular) It is hard work for sure, but it is so worth it by the end when you feel like you've accomplished something. Thanks to my new beautiful friend Kathi who is more than incredible at designing, creating, finding - insert multiple action words here - & styling Costumes, I would have never been involved with the short film Beauty Mark. I met Kathi on the set of Evil Feed and our energies clicked & she so kindly passed my name along to the Director. 
Kathi also has probably the coolest and hardest working assistant ever, Danae, who let me borrow her rhinestone glasses for this pic of Kathi & I:

Cool Cats

I am sure to see these gals again, as I have been told, film crews seem to travel together & always end up working on the same projects. I sure hope so.

In other news - I spent my life savings at IMATS Vancouver 2012 as a blue haired friend of mine talked me into buying almost everything, including Zombie shoes - I don't quite know how that happened, but I am not mad about it at all!! Good thing I do have multiple jobs cause this gal's gotta save up!

xox Celina