Thursday, February 24, 2011


*warning - slight nudity*

Today was my 3rd term final exam, ie. AIRBRUSH BODY PAINTING.
Exciting, yet so nerve racking. Luckily I had a good fit friend of mine to model for me and let me use her body as my canvas!

Meet my character W.H.I.T 
“Worker Hardwired for Intelligence and Technology”
She was created in the year 2074. She is a cybernetic organism, which means she has both robotic and human qualities. She has yet to be completely assembled so she has plates missing from her body and therefore wires and circuit boards are out in the open.


So much fun! Very hard time consuming work.
The experience was worth it.
Thanks W.H.I.T, you did a great job!

xox Celina

Friday, February 18, 2011

Poor Old Granny

Get ready for the magic of theatre makeup. It's big, it's bold, it's to be seen from afar. Well, not that far. Hopefully. It sucks when you get bad seats. 

Today I aged one of my classmates using cream based makeup so that she looked like a little granny. On the left is Dore, on the right is Dore in like 60 years as Delores.

Delores, your age spots are so sexy.

Then I turned Delores into a wicked witch, just for fun. 
Note the ugly protruding mole on her nose. Ew.

Snow White better run.

xox Celina

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Was She Thinking?

Oh here we go again.

When there is a big celebrity event on the television, you automatically know I am going to talk about who looked the worst. The 2011 Grammy's were on Sunday night which means I now present to you, the moment you've all been waiting for...

What Was She Thinking?

Okay, so apparently this is Hettie Vyrine Barnhill, if that means anything to you. I guess she was nominated for a Grammy for a the musical she's in called "Fela!" Don't ask me about the show biz, just ask me, "WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?" or what was her make-up artist thinking for that matter.

Here's what I'm thinking. Maybe Hettie has oily skin. If you have oily skin your foundation will change a shade darker than your skin tone within a couple minutes after applying. Whether or not she knew this, I'm still wondering why she looks so purple?? Also, that navy blue under eye liner is really not working out. Not only is it way too thick, but it's making her already small eyes (and one lazy eye) appear even smaller. Her lips aren't bad but I think they should be lined. The lipstick shade is so close to her natural skin colour that she lost the definition of her lips.

I'm sorry that I am harshly ragging on this girl I don't even know, but seriously, my first impression is that she looks a bad Scary Spice halloween costume.

Rule of thumb ladies, always match your foundation to the colour of your neck. Don't go around the store testing colours on the back of your hand. When do you ever wear foundation on your hand?? Test it on your jaw line!

All these colours made me feel sick. Goodnight.
xox Celina

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Squeaky Clean

On my last day of learning about my airbrush we used all of our new skills and airbrushed half a body! (final exam is Full Body!) My beautiful classmate Melania was my model and I did my best to airbrush her into a little bubble bath girl. Everything is done free hand, other than the small seahorse stencil I made. I used waterbased airbrush paints for the majority of the body, and some silicone based paints (as well as some shimmer and sparkles I mixed in with the paint!) for a sheer shine on the bubbles for a final touch.

 And with my little rubby ducky prop and some bubble wrap around her shirt, voila!
Then I made her stand outside in the freezing cold to get some photos! What a good sport.

My boyfriend found these awesome false lashes around Halloween and I've saved them until now!

What a doll!

So squeaky clean! Thanks for reading!
xox Celina

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Air Powered Art

I just received a very cute and powerful little tool - my very first Airbrush! I don't think I have ever felt so creative in my entire life. Airbrushing is amazing! It is incredibly difficult, but so much fun. There are endless ways to create different designs, patters, textures, shading, you name it! I have to keep practicing because I have my Full Body Painting exam coming up at the end of February. I'm nervous already.

We have already done temporary tattoos, scales, and gloves. Next class we are doing beauty airbrushing (like foundation, and blush), airbrush tans, and airbrush abs and muscles! 

How cute & flawless!

xox Celina