Thursday, December 30, 2010


As 2010 is slowly creeping out the back door while it's over enthusiastic cousin 2011 is ringing the front doorbell with balloons & housewarming gifts in it's hand, it's time to start thinking of how great the past year was, and what you can do to make this next year even better.

My favorite memory of 2010 was traveling across France and the UK, (sometimes by myself, and sometimes with loved ones to keep me company) & realizing that experiences are worth more than any number in a bank account. 

 I think this year I am actually going to make a resolution and keep it. I need to be able to look forward to something, so I need to start setting goals. 2011 is my year to be the best I can be to start my carreer off with a bang. Which means not only doing great work, but looking great while doing it, because if you look great, you'll feel great. (It's a fact. I read it in Cosmo.) I am not going to tell myself I have to weigh a certain number on a scale. It's not about the number, it's about the feeling. Cause how often do you really have to tell someone your weight other than on your drivers license? And let's be honest, we all lie about it, and it's not even in pounds so no one can even read it anyways. So, just to clarify, I'm not "losing weight" I'm "getting healthy" and with getting fit & adding muscle tone, naturally I will lose pounds of fat. Yes. Solid. Awesome! I am going to achieve this goal by regular exercise & a strict healthy diet. I'm doing this folks. Everyone always SAYS this stuff, but I'm not giving in anymore! I need to set an example to my cliets out there, half of looking great is feeling great. It's written on your face, with or without make-up on.

Here is a quote that sums up my 2011 resolution:

"I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again. "

- Scarlett
Gone With The Wind

I encourage all of my readers to set & achieve some New Years goals. And if you're having trouble accomplishing them, send me a message and I will respond with a personal Celina-like response to keep you going. I promise. I can be a really hilarious motivator.

xox Celina

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blushing in Winter

Christmas came early for me! Just celebrated & opened my gifts with my family because we are leaving for family vay-cay tomorrow morning at 5am. My stockings were stuffed with everything a make-up lover could ask for. A beautiful leather waist band brush belt, bathroom counter organizers, MAC giftcards & more! 
Spoiled spoiled spoiled.

I hope all my little blog readers out there have a very Merry Christmas. May Santa bring you lip gloss, mascara, and so many beauty products that you could quite possibly throw up sparkles. And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, may your holidays be fantastic and filled with spa treatments!!

Don't forget, there's nothing a martini & a flat iron can't fix.

love & hugs
xox Celina

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Star is Born!

Have you ever been to a celebrity look alike party, and there's that one person at the party that went all out and looks so much like that celebrity that it's creepy? It is so much fun to dress up like someone else, and basically make fun of the way they look so you can pull it off. Celebrity Look Alike day was on Friday and we could choose a celeb (of any era) to do our partner's make-up & hair to look like a famous person. I thought to myself, "Well Celina... there's not too much crazy make-up going on these days. Most famous women in the 2000's have smokey eye eyeshadow. Lady GaGa? Well, my partner looks nothing like her. I need something challenging and amazing... but what?" so that's when I went back in time to the 1960's and found a gorgeous face and even more gorgeous make-up to turn my partner Kelsey into the King's wife herself, I give you...

 Priscilla Presley

 How effing fabulous is that? 
(I put 2 bumpits into that wig to make the beehive by the way)


Ooooooh the magic of make-up. I'm telling you people, I can make you look like a star! Literally! And if Priscilla doesn't tickle your fancy, how about looking like a Vegas Show girl?

Believe it baby! xox Celina

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peachy-Keen Photography

My first job doin' my bizzzz.

I had an awesome time being apart of a photoshoot on Sunday! I worked for Teryn Lee of Teryn Lee Photography and provided hair styling & make-up for her friends Cori & Matt. They have been married almost 5 years and wanted some fun photos with each other. After the make-up & hair was done, with the help of some costumes & props the 1950's were alive in their own cozy little home.

Cori is so beautiful, it's not like she even needs any make-up. Her classic beauty definitely pulled off the I Love Lucy feel. It was a lot of fun & great experience working on a "set". 
Please check out Teryn if you are looking for a photographer!

xox Celina

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That 70's Show

*queue ABBA "Dancing Queen" music* 

Monday at school I got to watch a retro make-up video made in the 80's, which I jokingly said "I bet this was originally recorded on Beta".. then I realized only one other classmate and I were born in the 80's (everyone else in the 90's)... so no one got my joke. And then I felt old. So then I brought up the cartoon show Jem, only to find I was alone on that one too. Regardless, 70's and 80's make-up is kind of hideous. 70's isn't nearly as bad as 80's, I'm just having issues with the fact that women used to put blue eyeshadow up to their eyebrows. Either way, it was a fun day at school which involved playing with afro wigs and listening to old music. 

xox Celina

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet 60's

 Think doing your perfectly symmetrical eyeliner is tough? Try mastering the 60's.
You may recognize this look made famous by Twiggy. I gave it a wirl, and with the help with a sassy fur hat and a very volumized wig, bam, the 60's is back. Can you believe women used to actually do this make-up every day? I guess drawing on bottom false lashes would get easier if you did it often enough. Also, I'm sure those women weren't being as precise as they were not being marked in beauty school. (I didn't have a partner this day, so I had to do the make-up on myself, which is harder than it looks. But with quite a bit of patience, it is possible, and can look super adorable!)

Another make-up inspired by the 60's is the traditional Ballet make-up. Both are to emphasize the eyes and make them look bigger than they are. Especially with ballet, as the dancer would be on stage, a lot further away from the audience.

So many fine lines! Symmetry! Bright colours! Literally EYE CATCHING.

xox Celina

Monday, December 6, 2010

Luscious Ladies

Ever notice how trends just keep going around in circles? 

The look that was popular 60 years ago, finally comes back into style because the world has run out of new ideas. Well that's fine with me, so long as the 80's don't make a huge comback (because I'm pretty sure in 2020 I will totally want to look like Boy George... ew). I am more into the classic beauty look, and if you have been keeping track of recent celebrities, you would notice that stars are looking a lot more elegant these days. I am thrilled about this because I don't think anyone should put on their makeup to look like Ke$ha in the morning, rather pick a better role model to be inspired by.

The only loud girl in the world herself is a perfect example. Rihanna is becoming the "it girl" and there's no doubt she will continue with her success into the New Year. Sure, her fiery red hair is a little crazy, but it totally suits her and she is using it as her main accessory. Little Miss Ri-Ri has been a bit more tame with the make-up and has been focusing on her natural beauty. She's emphasising her own body and facial features. I see the 1950's dolled up, elegant and flawless look making a comeback, and Rihanna is the perfect young woman to pull it off and bring it back. Marilyn flaunted it, and though it's been changed and tampered with throughout the years, there's no doubt that timeless make-up is back, and in high demand. 

Rock those lips ladies!

xox Celina

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dirty 30's & oh Lordy 40's

More decades! So far the 40's are looking the best to me. Last night Martin and I watched "It's A Wonderful Life" because Martin loves Christmas movies. It was my first time seeing the movie... turns out, it's not really such a wonderful life until you don't have one at all. After the movie was over and I was about to leave, I grabbed Martin by the shoulders and shook him exclaiming, "Now you listen to me! I don't want any plastics, and I don't want any ground floors, and I don't want to get married - ever - to anyone! You understand that? I want to do what I want to do!!" then I burried my face in his chest shaking my head back and fourth screaming "Oohhh Martin! Martin! Martin! Martin!" ie re-enacting both George's and Mary's characters, because I would make a fantastic actress  in the 1940's.

<------ We did half of our model's face with 1930's Film Makeup (more natural) and the other half 1930's Theatre (involves a blocked out eyebrow and smaller lips)------->

For 1940's, I did make-up and hair! 
(Victory Rolls & loose curls)

xox Celina

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Victory is Mine

Happy December everyone!
I personally refuse to start celebrating the Christmas season (and other holidays celebrated around this time) until it's ACTUALLY DECEMBER. It bothers me when everyone starts getting ready for Christmas at the beginning of November. I figure, if you start December 1st, you have 25 days to go jolly gung ho, and then clean it all up. Seriously. No one likes to see half burnt out red & green Christmas lights on your house in the middle of November, and for that matter, still on February. Jus' sayin.

But now that it IS December, I hope everyone is enjoying decorating and setting up their trees & etc. As for me, until I get my own house (I'm currently living with two roommates. Their names are Mom and Dad) I can't really get into decorating too much because all I want is a fake white feather Christmas tree with pink ornaments on it, and I don't think Mom would be too pleased if I set that up. Instead I find myself decorating hair & faces.

Today, victory is mine.
(or at least Victory Rolls are...)

xox Celina

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Roaring 20's

We're at war!!

Just finished 2 looks from the 1920's. We re-created the "It" look, most commonly warn by Clara Bow. Miss Bow was the "It-Girl" in the 20's starring in many silent films as a flapper girl, and became the sex symbol of the time. During the roaring 20's, because of the war, the women wore their eye makeup and their eyebrows downcasted to look sad. They also wore "bee-stung" lips for the cute little pouty effect. First, we did the 1920's Film look, which you work with the person's natural eyebrows and lips because on film you can see every little detail so nothing can be too fake. But for our 2nd look, 1920's Theatre, we blocked out the person's eyebrows (using spirit gum, wax & lots of concealer) and drew in completely new ones. Also, the lips were concealed to look smaller because with theatre, the actresses are further away from the audience so you wouldn't notice how caked on their make-up really was.

Have a look! It was the most challenging make-up I've done so far.

 1920's Film

1920's Theatre

x0x Celina

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sew What?

You may have heard (if you have ears) that Harry Potter 7 part 1 flew into theatres and is winning the hearts of all it's viewers. I was there opening night, the first showing Friday Nov 19 @ 12:01AM in the Imax Theatre, with my boyfriend at my side. We spooked some audience members as we walked in wearing black cloaks and home made Death Eater masks. (some little Weasley look alike pointed his wand at me and yelled Avada-Kadavra... not cool) The movie itself was AMAZING. These little brits are becoming great actors (finally) and it was NOT a kids movie anymore. I was actually scared at some of it, and He Who Must Not Be Named is so evil in this movie/book. So thrilling. I am so excited for part 2 to come out in the summer. Not sure what my costume will be for the final film yet.

In other, less nerdy news, I also made this Hello Kitty doll out of a 
"Make Your Own Hello Kitty Doll" package. Wait, that's not less nerdy at all.

Ho Hum, that's my life I guess. Always crafty.

xox Celina

Monday, November 22, 2010

Avant-Garde 2

Another cold day gone by. When I was walking to school this morning in my knee high leather moccasin boots (Nine West - no big deal. I may not be able to wear heels in this weather, but it doesn't mean I can't bust out a brand name on my foot) a homeless man with missing teeth yelled out at me, "Hey! Nice Booooots!"... So I was bound to have a great day when it started like that. He must have been my good luck charm because I just so happened to have an awesome day in class and managed to create something beautiful and unique on Marjorie's cute little face. The colour scheme is Analogous, so I used Red, Red-Violet, and Violet. My loving and dashing boyfriend bought me flowers for getting high scores on my term 1 marks, so I decided to incorporate some rose petals into my work. Have a look-see for yourself. 
I love love love the lips.

xox Celina

Saturday, November 20, 2010


As I am sitting here bundled up in a big warm blanket wearing a scarf in my own house, I can't help but hate that it's officially winter. The first snow fall happened last night, and all over facebook are pictures of people's backyards covered in white, and their status' are filled with exclaimation marks about how joyful this season is. I have two words for you snow lovers "suck it". I'm freezing!! My car is like a little ice cube, I can't wear heels on the icy sidewalks; not to mention, my hair has a hard enough time holding a curl, I don't need wet snowflakes falling on it and bringing it down with me. The positives of winter are the following: warm caffeinated drinks, sweet treats, and wearing fur. 

This being my winter attitude, I wanted to think of warmer happier times. Thus, my creation on beautiful Melania's face. Avant-Garde make-up is a fashion runway look, with 25% of it being decoration. Take a close look at the lips, they were a last minute choice but turned out awesome. I put a cream based eyeshadow on them first, then pressed lace on them and patted a powder eyeshadow through the pattern. Couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! What do you think?

xox Celina

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Time

It's time for tea! I have just learned all about Tea Room Make-Up! It is so gorgeous and very fun, but pretty challenging. Originally, it's used for fashion shows held in smaller venues serving a light brunch & tea for the guests while the models walk around the room. But it is more commonly seen as the traditional Indian and Asian bridal make-up as seen here:

Oh what is that you say? Now you want to see how well I did? 
Okay then, just look below at my work!

White, Gold, Copper
Monochromatic colour scheme:
Red Violet

xox Celina

Saturday, November 13, 2010


This just in, I have a girl crush!

So, as some of you may know, I have a weird obsession with Harry Potter. I know right? Everyone thought that was over, but not for me. I'm not going to lie to anyone, but I have been waiting in line dressed up as a character from the books going to the movie premieres at midnight for the past 3 years. (Part 1 of HP7 I along with my loving and also nerdy boyfriend will be going as Death Eaters, masks and dark marks and all) ANYWAYS. N'uff 'bout me, let's move on to bigger and SHORTER things ie Emma Watson (Hermione Granger). She cut off all of her beautiful locks of hair and looks so amazing. This girl can rock a 1960's Twiggy look I am telling you! 
See for yourself!


Absolutely FABULOUS!
I love this girl. And her make-up is so simple and elegant. Natural beauty makes a huge statement!

xox Celina

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wedding Belles

Are you getting married? Is anyone you know getting married soon & looking for a make-up artist? I would be happy to help you be a blushing bride... make-up pun intended!

I think if we all look back to our parents wedding photos, depending on what year they got married, your mother's make-up might be bright green, or blue, or maybe she's wearing way too much blush very high on her cheek bones. So ever since those make-up trends went out of style, so did the wedding photos. Wedding make-up should be timeless, classic & naturally beautiful, so 50 years down the road you don't say to yourself "Wow, why do I look like a clown?"

Here's a little collage of my bridal work.

xox Celina

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Was She Thinking?

As you may or may not have known, MTV's European Music Awards took place in Madrid on November 7th, and were broadcast on Canadian television last night. 

Which brings you to my first (and definatly not last) make-up post called:

What Was She Thinking?

Today's post is brought to you by Taylor Momsen. That adorable little actress who once played Cindy Lou Hoo in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, turned into rich bitch Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, and now... well... I am not so sure what happened to her. 
Ladies, please.. I am begging you.. never do this to your face.

I will tell you one thing.. it is definitely "a look". If you are going for that bad-ass gothic grunge effect, this will do the trick. However, if you want people to approach you and take you seriously at all, I would consider doing something a little bit more friendly. Pick a focus point. Eyes OR Lips? Doing both at the same time can look... scary, as you can see.

Unless you plan on going to a costume party as Courtney Love or Taylor Momsen herself, stick to neutrals! The Vampire look is not so sexy on real humans.

Stay tuned for more celeb do's and don'ts!

xox Celina

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am sure you are all aware, Christmas is just around the corner. There's one thing I know for sure about Christmas, and it's that you are going to get your picture taken whether you like it or not.
At JCI I am currently learning how to do make-up for photography. 
Of course, this make-up is a little bit heavy for every day wear and is intended for photoshoots with professional cameras and lighting.

The key thing to remember is... the camera shows everything!

Contouring - the art of using shading and highlighting to achieve the desired look. Here I am using cream foundations and concealers, blended together to bring out different depths in my face. 
You can also use powders to achieve this look.

Make-up for photography has to be darker and sharper or else it won't show up due to the harsh lighing. It's easier to apply neutral shades on the face for Black & White so you will know how they will translate to a photo with no colour involved.


 I also did hair for this assignment.

I've got busy busy hands. :)
xox Celina