Friday, October 29, 2010


Colour Colour Colour!

The adventures of working with colours! It's harder than it seems. We are just learning Colour Harmonies. It all has to do with that precious little colour wheel you first saw back in elementary school, only in make-up school it is your best friend so you have a pocket size one you keep in your kit at all times. I never realized how hard putting colour on someones face could be. There's warm colours, cool colours, neutral colours, shades, tints, intensities, values etc!!

Split Complimentary:
Take a colour, look directly across the wheel to find it's compliment, but take the two colours beside it's compliment instead.

Yellow-Orange eye shadow
Blue cat eye
Red-Orange lips

Colours directly across each other on the wheel.

Blue-Green smokey v eye shadow
Red-Orange lips

Three colours equally spaced on the wheel.

Yellow-Orange eye shadow
Red-Violet cat eye
Blue-Green bottom liner
neutral lip

Halo Eye Shadow:
Smokey eye on the inner 1/3 and the outter 1/3 of the eye.

These are considered Summer Colours. I used a light pink for the centre, and a plum colour for the shading. Keeping the blush and the lips in the same Cool shades for the overall matching look.
The first day I worked with colour was a stressful one. Then a hectic day on public transit just makes you feel sticky. So when my day was over and I was walking to my car the rain slowly stopped and I looked up and saw this rainbow in the sky. It must a sign that I am doing the right thing and this is my destiny. Or as John Casablancas' slogan says, "I was born to do this" Lol. Thanks for reading. My blog will get more interesting soon, I promise!

xox Celina

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hair Spray

More fun hair photos! I had an awesome time learning how to style hair. My instructor taught us some really great tips and tricks, and let us be creative with our own looks. It's amazing how hair styles changed and keep changing throughout the years. Here are some of my favorite styles that I did on Judy.

1940's Victory Rolls

1930's Finger Waves
French Roll Up Do
Curly Pony Tail Up Do

... and now dry and brushed out!

 I was the demo for finger waves.
Here they are wet...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Judy, Judy, Judy

Guess what readers? I have officially started my hair training, and it's fabulous! And you know what's even better? Instead of having a fellow classmate practice on me and rip my hair out, I was pleasantly surprised that we get to practice on mannequins! Those little mannequin heads with real human hair are called Judy Dolls, so Judy and I got to work learning the basics.

First I used a blowdryer and a round brush on Judy's hair
Then I curled it with a curling iron
I pinned it up into this cute little swirly look.
(I finished the blowdrying and curling early
so I was just playing around)
The right side is Hot Rollers
and the left side is Velcro Rollers
This is the difference in what they do to hair!
(Keep in mind, I previously curled then brushed out Judy's hair so it kept a really nice curl. If you have straight hair, you will mainly just get the volume and a slight curl under especially with the Velcro Rollers)

Then I straightened Judy's hair with a flat iron
Judging by Judy's range of emotions, she had a really great day, and so did I. 
Soon I will be taking Judy's hair through the 1930's up until the 1990's. 
More to come!

xox Celina

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Unlimited 1: Practical Exam

I just finished my first term of beauty school! We had a written exam in the morning, then a practical exam in the afternoon. I had 1 hour to do a Day Look then 45 minutes to turn it into an Evening Look. I chose Smokey V eyes with a Nude Lip.

Thank you to my lovely model Erin!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For the past couple nights I have been experiencing some tension filled dreams. This is not unusual for me, as I am a vivid dreamer. I write down my dreams and interpret them in the morning to try to understand my sub-conscience. My exam for my first section of school is tomorrow and I am very nervous as it is worth 80% of my mark for the beauty portion of my studies.

I dreamt it was the day of the exam and I was applying make-up on my model Erin. We only have 1 hour to do a Day Look, and Erin kept fluttering her eyes and moving around and I was getting really anxious because I knew I was going to run out of time. Thankfully I managed to pull through and finished my Day Look. So as I was about to move on to my Evening Look, which I had 45 minutes to complete, I turn around and Erin is pulling out all of her fake eyelashes and washing her face and eating food and I was doomed.

Then I woke up, very relieved.

I also dreamt I was applying make-up onto a bride and I screwed up her face pretty bad and put dark brown eye shadow on the inner 1/3 of her eye lid and lined the bottom of her eye with thick purple liner. Not a hot look. Especially for a bride.

These nightmares make perfect sense to me, clearly I am stressed out and worried about my exam and that's really all there is too it. But for those of you who dream of Make-Up and Cosmetics, there may be more to your dreams if you are not studying or working in the Beauty Industry. Here are just a few examples that are the most common:

"Make-Up in dreams signifies the appearance we present to others, as well as the ability to change the impressions we make on others. In your dream, if you are pleased with your make-up, you may be signaling your waking confidence about your appearance. The opposite is true if you disliked your dream make-up."

"If you are applying make-up in your dream, what are you trying to hide from others?"

"Lipstick suggests passionate sexuality and the desire to attract the attention of a potential lover."

Pretty interesting stuff! Keep dreaming!

xox Celina

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today's vocab term is "Shopping Bulimia"

Definition: Getting a high off of shopping, buying something for the sake of buying it, then returning it shortly after when you realize you can't afford it.

Use it in a sentence: "I'm holding an intervention tomorrow at Winners for my sister. She has a mad case of shopping bulimia!"

xox Celina

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here Comes the Smoke!

Aready a month gone by! Crazy how time flies. I must be having fun?
We have ventured into the evening looks, and let me tell you, working with black pigment is harder than it looks! I can't believe my first final exam is already next week. That's a good thing for you readers, cause my blog will get a lot more interesting and funny once that happens. I think after we get these basic looks down, we go into Avante Garde and all that jazz. As for now, here is some of my latest work!

Tanya - Business Look                                                  Tanya - Business Look

Courtnay - Day Look                                                   Courtnay - Day with Red Lips

Courtnay - Smokey V with Red Lips                            Courtnay - Smokey V with Nude Lips

Marjorie - Smokey Liner Natural Lip                         Marjorie - Smokey Liner Natural Lip

Dore - Business Look                                                  Dore - Smokey V with Nude Lip

xox Celina