Friday, December 23, 2011

Too Dolly Warmest Wishes

It's almost Christmas! I have to say, it doesn't really feel like Christmas to me. Normally I'd be boarding a plane holding a suitcase filled with bikinis off to Mexico or something, and this year I'm stuck at home in the cold weather with family. Hah! 

This Christmas season I've found that a lot of people either love the holidays, or hate the holidays. There's not really an inbetween. Working cosmetic retail this time of year can either be great, or a death sentence. Some customers are just genuinely nice that you are willing to help their sorry butts out because they took way too long trying to find anything their significant other will like; while the other people don't even want you to look at them in fear you are trying to up-sell them with your brain waves.

My mom told me a good saying for the holiday season - "You Scrooge, You Lose!"

So that's my new holiday motto and I'm sticking to it. 

On another note about the holidays, I'm sure you can all relate with the 3+ dinner parties you are most likely to attend, this Christmas Eve my family is spending time with our good family friends. It will be an evening adventure of eating as much as you can, drinking almost that same amount in alcohol, and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Isn't it funny how ugly sweaters have now become trendy? It's kind of sad really, that you can't find an ugly enough sweater at a second hand store. With that, I decided to make my ugly sweater -and ugly it is! Except my mom said it's "cute". Probably because it's trendy. But seriously, it has cardinal's on the shoulders & it lights up. It's pretty... pretty gaudy. Bells and all.


So now that you know how crafty I am, you are probably sitting there jealous as ever, so I'll give you some tips on getting yourself ready for the holidays!

1. Don't put on make-up after enjoying a few beverages filled with holiday cheer.

2. If you are going to wear a festive hat at any time during the day, you will most likely have to keep it on until you go to bed due to the hat head you will now have.

3. Warm water in the shower is not actually good for your skin. Your body is not a car, it does not need to be warmed up in the morning. 

4. Scarves hide hickies, but so does a great concealer. (Do people still get hickies?)

and 5. If you really want to impress your guests with a fabulous Christmas up-do, just google image Cindy Lou Who in the Jim Carrey version of The Grinch.

Happy Holidays everyone!

xox Celina